What is the Best GPS for Europe Travel?

A GPS is one of those things you might not think twice about, but it’s something that’s incredibly important if you’re going to be active while on the road. Obviously, a “Best GPS” is going to be dependent on your own personal needs, but there are some basic things you need to know about GPS units in general.

Traveling in Europe? Fancy taking off the next time you have a business trip to London, Paris, or Frankfurt? With a Garmin GPS, you can get from A to B without a hassle, and it will always be on the money. Best of all, you can rely on its flawless navigation in foreign environments.

  • Garmin LMT GPS

The popularity of handheld GPS devices is undeniable, and the Garmin LMT GPS for Europe is one of the best. It is a small, robust GPS with full mapping capabilities and a solid battery life. With Wi-Fi, this device is the perfect tool to use when traveling in Europe, and it can be synced with an Android or iOS device to provide the most accurate and easy-to-use GPS you can buy.

  • TomTom GO 5200

TomTom has long been a pioneer in creating GPS devices. When you take a trip, you will need a device to keep you safe, in the right direction, and check the distance between various points. Unfortunately, a lot of the best options are much more expensive than their value might suggest.

  • Garmin Camper GPS

There are three main types of GPS devices for navigation in Europe. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and I will review the pros and cons of each one so that you can decide which one to buy. The best GPS for European travel is the Garmin Camper GPS, except if you’re heading to the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in travelling to Europe, then you have come to the right place. I will try to review as many of the best GPS devices full of top-notch features as possible.

  • Garmin Nuvi GPS

In Europe, you will find a variety of roads and routes to take on trips. The different countries have different features and structures. Some roads are well-marked, and others are not, and the drivers still find their way. It is very important to have a reliable and precise navigation system to ensure that you are not lost or, even worse, that you are travelling in the wrong lane.

There are several things that you should consider before purchasing a GPS device. For one, the device should be easy to use. It should be simple to navigate and understand. It should be able to provide useful information about your current location, as well as your route. It should also be able to give you directions to your destinations.

Less than two years after TomTom’s Nuvi line of GPS units, Garmin’s budget-friendly family of GPS devices is now available in Europe. The Nuvi 1200 and 1300 series feature the same technology as Garmin’s top-of-the-line GPS units, including digital maps, spoken turn-by-turn directions, voice controls, and traffic updates. While the Nuvi 1200 and 1300 devices lack the higher levels of functionality offered by TomTom’s Nuvi GPS line, the devices are still top-of-the-line regarding ease-of-use, affordability, and reliability. These are the devices that most people in Europe will buy, and for a good reason.

  • TomTom Western Europe GPS

With just over a dozen cars (and one plane) roaming Europe, TomTom’s new GPS devices really shine in this region. The company’s latest offering, the TomTom XXL, basically the XXL version of its TomTom Spark, is a really impressive device and one of the best we’ve ever used. It’s a kind of hybrid between a car GPS and a cellphone, with a 10-inch touchscreen display and built-in Wi-Fi, making it a great choice for those that want to use it on the road.

TomTom, the international GPS navigation technology company, has brought its best-selling Live services to its new range of compact and affordable models, which are the first TomTom devices to feature the company’s new Live Maps and navigation apps. TomTom Live Maps provide turn-by-turn directions, hazard warnings, real-time traffic updates, and alerts for speed cameras and temporary road closures. TomTom Live Car Navigation is packed with maps, route guidance, and voice-activated navigation and is available with a free 3-year map subscription.

The best way to prepare for your adventure is to familiarize yourself with the area’s geography, the type of travel you intend to do, and what needs to get done while you’re gone.