Top Ways to Save Money Whilst Travelling Solo

Formerly known as the solo traveller, today more and more people are travelling alone. Although the term lone traveller is a misunderstood one, as a solo traveller you’re not really alone – everywhere you go you share the company of others, and everyone has their own stories and histories, even if it’s different to yours.

Tip 1:Use a money belt or purse for your cash, travellers cheques or a credit card for your cash.

If you are travelling on cash, the obvious thing to bring is your passport, to which you should bring your drivers licence. Don’t store your passport in a waist pouch or back pocket – best to keep it in a secure pocket within your clothing. Hiding your passport in such places only attracts the attention of pickpockets.

If you are going on a longer journey, try to have a litre of toiletries with you for each day. If you have verysensitive skin and are travelling to hot countries, are you going to spend a lot of time washing your face? Bring water like you would in any other public place.

Tip 2:Take a personalised travel guide.

We all have our favourites travel guides, and finding one in aeties or thrift shops is an adventure. We’d all love to see the scenery through your own eyes, but thanks to the internet, we can thanks travel guides within a click of our mouse – yay! Here’s a few top tips from us to make finding and using your own favourite guide easier:

Use the internet. You can do more research about a destination on the internet than you can by using a travel agent. In fact, the internet is such a big resource that it’s often the best way to determine which destination would suit you best.

Rent a car. You don’t need to own a car to really enjoy a destination – you can still enjoy the drive. In fact, you can probably save yourself so much money by doing so. Car rental is particularly recommended if you’ll be visiting international destinations – most places in the world won’t require you to drive unless you’re driving on a different country’s roads.

Use public transport. If you can, don’t rely on cabs or buses – travelling in a big city is much more comfortable and pleasant than it is in a country mile away. You can take a train for example – visiting certain areas of the cities you might be interested in.

You can save money and visit locations that you wouldn’t have known about. Public transport is relatively cheap, saves us carbon dioxide emissions, and usually goes a long way to getting to where you want to go quickly and conveniently.

Pack light. You can take too much if you think you need to. Look at your bags – overpacked trips cost more than a little bit of space. If you know you’re going on a trip and will want to pack a lot, click the little ‘I’ button and pack light. You’ll be happier, and you’ll save loads of money.

Don’t be shy. There is nothing more embarrassing than clothes that haven’t got any stains on them after going through the wash. There is plenty of research to suggest you should pack a good amount of toiletries and you should have no trouble getting even the cheapest deal with your favourite brand.

When you visit a new country and you see how they do, tell the people you meet there how your journey went and if you could have done anything different. You might be surprised by how many of them are happy to tell you about the good and bad parts of their trip.

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