The Best Places to Start Rock Climbing

If you are into extreme sports then rock climbing might be for you. It will require the same physical attributes that you use for mainstream sports and also offer a new type of challenge and adrenalin rush. With this in mind, we will check out some places in the world that are known to rock climbers before concluding with some advice on the type of clothing that will get you started.



Not specific to any particular place in the world, it is good for beginners to experience bouldering climbing before advancing to climbing the more sheer rock faces. This type of climbing can be considered relatively low to the ground and will use pads instead of ropes and the other kinds of gear used for protection.

Bouldering is beginner-friendly and will build the confidence of new climbers. It is a good way to check out if you like rock climbing and have an aptitude for it because it will not require any technical rope skills to get started. You should be warned, though, that the physical movements required to overcome boulder problems are considered the toughest in the sport. But then, rock climbing is considered an extreme sport.


The Easiest Rock Climbs in the World

The easier climbs around the world for less experienced rock climbers are considered to be Aran Fawddwy, Snowdonia National Park, Wales; Ben MacDui, Cairngorms, Scotland; Jebel Toubkal, Atlas Mountains, Morocco; Kala Patthar, Khumbu Valley Nepal; Monte Bronzone, Lake Lugano, Italy; and Swinica, Tatra Mountains, Poland.

You could combine any of these with a holiday, taking in the sights as well as learning the sport of rock climbing.


Best Climbing Spots in the UK

Some of the best spots in the UK for rock climbing are considered to be Almscliff Crag, Yorkshire; Cairngorms, Scotland; Gogarth, Anglesey; Huntsman’s Leap, Pembrokeshire; and Lands End, Cornwall. Also in Yorkshire, there is Malham Cove.


The Hardest Rock Climbs in the World

K2, standing at 28,251 feet and straddling the Pakistan-China border, is considered by experienced rock climbers to be the toughest and most dangerous of all the mountains you could ever climb. Everest is two and a half football pitches taller but K2 is the one that all modern-day rock climbers fear. Unlike Everest, you cannot walk to the top. So, it is no surprise that it has been named “Savage Mountain”.

So, this is something to aim for as you become more experienced at rock climbing.



If starting on a climbing wall, which comes before bouldering, it is recommended that you wear leggings or shorts and loose pants so that you can move freely. Women should wear a loose t-shirt with a sports bra underneath as a possible option. The material should be light, breathable, and as flexible as possible. When climbing mountains you will also need to consider that you need to be warm, as the temperatures plummet further up a mountain. In these instances and colder climates, you will need to wear several layers and/or thermal clothing.

Trainers are fine for indoor climbing and bouldering but with more advanced rock climbing you will need climbing shoes. The rubber soles of these have been specifically designed for rock climbing. They will be smooth and sticky and have an extended rubber rand. Climbing shoes will also have been manufactured with downward-pointing toe boxes that will increase your ability to stand on small pockets and holds. Climbing shoes will also be close-fitting with little padding. So, you will have to sacrifice comfort for safety.


To begin your climbing journey you can take a course and there are lots of clubs that you could join. They will all advise you on the best places to go climbing as a beginner and when more advanced at climbing. Also, on the best types of clothing, accessories, and equipment to buy. Climbing with others will help you to gain the skills and expertise required to move forward and experience all kinds of mountains around the world. Rock climbing can become your new challenge.