5 Countries Where You Can Teach English Without a Degree Abroad

Teaching English abroad is an amazing opportunity that gives non-native English speakers the chance to travel, learn a new language and gain a new skillset. It is also a good way to make money fast, so many people are willing to do it. However, it is important to know that some countries are easier to teach English than others.

It’s never easy to live and work abroad, especially if you aren’t a native English speaker. However, if you are willing to travel to a country with such a high demand for English teachers, and you are willing to accept the job without any formal qualifications, then there are no limits on what you can achieve.

So here are 5 countries where you can teach English without a degree abroad.

  • Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that is very easy to visit, but you won’t find many English teaching jobs there. So, we wondered, where can you teach English abroad and not have to worry about getting a degree or having a visa? We were a bit surprised to find that there are many options for teaching English abroad.

  • Spain

Your English degree may be getting you a lot of money and you may be able to find a great job, but is it worth it? Let’s face it. The problem is that many jobs you may get after being a degree holder are low in pay and are not living up to the standards set by your school. There are lots of jobs out there that would require a degree but are not covered by your degree holder. For example, teaching English is one of these jobs.

  • Mexico

If you are looking to teach English abroad without a lot of hassle, you need to look at Mexico. When I first moved to Mexico, I thought teaching English would be hard, but it turned out to be one of the easiest places I have ever taught. There is a huge demand for English teachers there, and the pay is also good. I recommend looking at Mexico for teaching English abroad.

  • Russia

Since the economic crisis of 2008, Russia has been known as a great place for people to find teaching jobs without going through the educational system. Once you have earned a degree, there is no longer a career ladder in place to encourage you to stay and work, and this has created an industry where there is a demand for teachers but a dearth in the supply. The result of this has been that Russian universities have had to step in and fill the gap by offering English-based degrees, which are often seen as worthwhile enough to provide a career for foreigners.

  • Poland

Teaching English is one of the most popular ways for foreign nationals to make money overseas, but don’t expect to make a decent salary. The cost of living in Poland is on the expensive side, making it an attractive option for teachers.

While there are many countries throughout the world where it is possible to teach English without a degree, Poland is one of the countries that really stands out. With a relatively low cost of living and plenty of jobs available, this country is a treasure trove of opportunities for those who want to teach the English profession while still enjoying a life of culture and delight.

For some of us, picking a career in a foreign country can feel like a daunting task. After all, not everyone can afford to study abroad to learn a language, and even if they could, the study-abroad experience might not be quite what they expected. The good news is that many countries offer students the opportunity to find employment without a degree, and some of these countries actually pay you to do it. If you’re curious about teaching abroad, but aren’t sure where to start, then this post is for you.

The majority of English teachers across the globe has a degree. Even if you’re not interested in teaching professionally, it’s a good choice to get a degree in some field, as it can provide you with a degree that can be used in so many other fields.